Vacuum compression bag 1

Popular size:90x130cm/74x130cm/80x120cm/70x100cm/60x80cm/50x70cm/40x60cm

Color:a. transparent clear    b. printing


Material:PA + PE(Nylon+PE) or PET+PE

Common thickness:60micron/70micron/80micron

OEM order:accept

A) This vacuum seal storage bag is perfect for all your storage needs and it will help you save up to 75% storage space

B)Store quilts, blankets, all kinds of clothes, cushions, and pillows, and files, family albums, video Discs, and silver jewelry, family albums, Video Discs

C)Reusable. And protects against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and odors, anti-dust, discoloration prevention and moisture proof as far as the clothes and mattress storage is concerned

D)very easy to vacuum the air with convenience and the storage period covers more than 6 months, require only a common household vacuum cleaner to create a vacuum

E)Absolutely the revolutionary bags are necessary for a modern family